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Stephanie Durham


              Welcome to the Nurse’s Office!!!

                  What does the school nurse do?

                          Here’s a glimpse:


  •  Maintain health records of all students – this includes:
    • immunizations - please make sure your child’s are up to date before school starts
    • physical exams - recommended by the district
    • health history – this includes medical diagnoses, surgeries, current medications (given at home as well as school), allergies (seasonal, drug, food, life threatening), and any other pertinent health information about your child
  • Assess and treat illness or injury – Whether it’s a scraped knee, tummy ache, fever, or more serious issue such as allergic reaction, broken bone or concussion - I am the first responder to any medical need.
  • Monitor & treat chronic health conditions – such as asthma (a nebulizer is available), diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies, etc.
  • Administer medication – The district policy allows medication to be given at school if parent authorization AND physician authorization forms are completed. This applies to prescription AND over-the-counter medication. These forms are available in my office. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE BRAUGHT IN BY PARENT THIS INCLUDE OVER THE COUNTER MEDICAITONS AND PRESCRIPTON.
  • Monitor illness “outbreaks” – If several students are diagnosed with a communicable illness (such as strep throat, flu), I will send notes home to heighten your awareness of symptoms. Don’t forget to call me if your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness!
  • Hearing and vision screenings – Students hearing and vison are screened routinely. However, screenings can be performed at any time for any student if a parent or teacher expresses concern.
  • "Emotional band-aids” – Sometimes a child is sad, homesick, or overwhelmed in class and just needs some TLC! A little one-on-one attention with a patient, and a willing ear are often all it takes to help a child rejoin the classroom. I work closely with the counselors and teachers to ensure your child is happy and safe at school! ☺

If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail me – I check my phone and e-mail messages upon arrival each morning and throughout the day.


                                                                        Stephanie Durham L.V.N 

                                         Peavy Primary School Nurse   936-875-9353

Stephanie Durham

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