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Mrs. Guajardo


I love to listen to my First Graders read. This semester students will make great reading growth. Please be sure to have someone listen to your child read each evening for 20 minutes. Students should have a Treasures story to read, a leveled book, and a library book on or near their reading level. Help as needed, but encourage your child to use the sound rules they have learned in class. 

Reading tips:

1. Look at the beginning sound.

2. Spot the vowel.

3.Find a chunk, or part, of the word you know.

4. How many vowel sounds do you see? How many syllables?

Reread stories often to build fluency.



Classroom Rules & Expectations

1.Be a caring friend.

​2.Listen when someone is talking.

3.Follow directions quickly.

4.Always do your best work!!

Contact Information

Phone: (936) 875-9344



Class Schedule
7:50- 8:05 Unpack/Morning Work
8:05-9:00 Neauhaus Phonics
9:00-9:55 Reading
9:45-9:55 Snack while we finish Reading
9:55-10:50 Reading Small Groups/Literacy Stations
10:55-11:45 PE/Music/Computers
11:55-12:25 Lunch
12:25-12:45 Read Aloud
12:45-1:00 Recess
1:00-2:10 Math
2:10-2:45 Writing
2:45-2:55 Handwriting/Journal Writing
2:55 Small Group/ Math Stations
3:20 Car Riders Dismissal
3:30 Bus Riders Dismissal


Contact Alisa Guajardo

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