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Mrs. Griggs



Welcome to Mrs. Griggs 2nd grade

Hello Families, Friends, & Parents,

As you read this let me just say that I miss each one of you! We are ALL learning how and what is best for this period of time in our lives. Let me give you hope that we have an incredible opportunity to learn in a different way, and spend time with family that is unprecented. Time to slow down, love each other more deeply and make an impact through loving others. It’s going to be a learning experience, a time of refletion, and self examination. I am beyond ready to tackle it. I am here to help you in anyway possible! I will respond promptly! Please note my contact information below. There are also links that you can use to help you get on Freckle and Epic. Freckle will help your child stay connected and engaged during our school lapse and Epic will provide awesome books for reading and entertaining your child.

ClassDojo link is also posted below. Contact me through that or my email. Love and miss all my students. Let them know I care and that I am praying this through! Praying for them and our Nation. 

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