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Links to Tech Apps

Students use technology on a daily basis in the classroom to enhance, enrich and supplement their learning process.   Following are examples of the programs and activities that students use: 


Go Noodle

  1. Go to

Epic Books:


  2. Class Code brp9883

Freckle Math

  1. Go to Student Center in maroon menu bar at top of page

  2. Log in to Clever

  3. Access Freckle in Clever


ST Math

Follow Instuctions on Flyer

ReFlex Math

  1. Have students go to

  2. Go to Login - Student Login

  3. Username - Lair

  4. Select Class

  5. Select their Name

  6. Enter password (Students lunch number)



  1. Have students to to

  2. Students enter class code E6X5WN

  3. Students default password is 1234

  4. Look for assigned assignments

Contact Dori Lair

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Conference Time: