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About Me

Educational History:

Beckville ISD, K-6th Grade
Apple Springs ISD, Grades 7-8
New Summerfield High School, 1965
Stephen F. Austin State University, B.S., 1970, M.Ed., 1974

Degrees and Certifications:

      Elementary Self-Contained, Grades 1-8.....Expiration date: Life
      Elementary Life/Earth Science, Grades 1-8.....Expiration date: Life
      Elementary Self-Contained, Grades 1-8...........Expiration date: Life
      Elementary English, Grades 1-8.......................Expiration date: Life
      Driver Education, Grades 6-12..........................Expiration date: Life

Professional Development:

Continuing Education:
Science Institute, El Paso, Tx.
Gifted and Talented, Kilgore, Tx.
Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development Institute, Houston, Tx.
Teacher Conservation Institute, Nacogdoches, Tx
Sea Camp, Galveston, Tx.
TI^3, Norfork, Virginia
TEXTEAMS, Dallas, Tx.
Sustainability Institute, Racine, Wisconsin
Science Safety , Washington, D.C.
Safety in the Science Laboratory, Austin, Tx
Instructional Leadership Development, Kilgore, Tx.
Classrooms of Distinction Interactive Forum, Houston, Tx.
DMAC, Kilgore
Plus numerous additional local, regional, state, and national conferences, etc

Workshops Presented:
"Unsinkable Science Activities"
"Science, The Final Connection"
"Technology and Science"
"Technology in the Classroom"
"Safety in the Science Lab"
"Calculators, Keyboards, Computers, Oh My!
"Adaptations, Modifications, and Inclusion"
"Differentiating Teaching Styles and Student Activities"
"The Ball is in Your Court"
"Plan, Commit, Succeed, Oh My!"
"Resuscitate Your Classroom"

Current Position:



Previous Position:


Family Information:

Mrs. Ragland and her husband Tonie were web in 1966, prior to him being sent to Viet Nam.  They have two children and three grandchildren.  The two oldest grandchildren are currently attending college in Bryan and the youngest grandchild attends Lufkin High School

Personal Information:

Mrs. Pena has been an employee of Hudson ISD since _______.   During that time she has (list some of the different jobs)  

Mrs. Pena is the mother of ____ children and has _____ grandchildren.  She enjoys_________

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