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Take Home Readers


Starting this week I am sending home a reader, with a log sheet, in their green folder.  They are to read this reader every night, along with the paper reader that is in their green folder. When they are finished on Thursday night, sign the log sheet and return it and the reader back in the green folder on Fridays. If they do not return the reader, they will not receive another one until the previous one is returned. If a reader is too hard, easy or if you want your child to repeat a reader the next week, please let me know. I can move the reader up a level or down. These readers are also great for building reading fluency. If the log sheet gets misplaced, I have put it on my website, or you can let me know and I can send you another one. Please continue to work on sight words and letters and sounds. If they have mastered letters and sounds, practice blending (sounding out) CVC words. For example words like: cap, dog, hat, nap, jam, hot, pop. Any words that have consonant/vowel/consonant words. This will help to improve reading and writing skills. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continuing support!!

Mrs. Murry