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  • Students enjoy our new Lego wall!
  • George Washington on the Lego wall.
  • Students working on the new Lego wall.
  • Look!  I made a merry-go-round!
  • I made a drill!
  • Gears are so cool!
  • Gears! Gears! Gears!  Maker Space
  • Art Space in Maker Space
  • Lego's
  • Kinex station
  • Art Station
  • We love Legos!
  • Making stairs
  • Maker Space fun!
  • Busy students finding library treasures!
  • Favorite book characters made out of pumpkins
  • Favorite book characters made out of pumpkins. Made by students in Mrs. Murry's and Mrs. Robertson's classes.
  • Corduroy pumpkin!
  • Mummy pumpkin!
  • Mouse from
  • It's Harry Potter!
  • Coyote pumpkin!
  • Our reading centers for students,

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